Crew Chief Tony Eury Jr

Full Name: Tony Wayne Eury Jr.

Birthdate: January 3, 1973

Birthplace: Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA

Family: Wife, Tonya and Children, Peyton & Eli Ralph

Racing Background:

Family Ties: Tony Eury Jr. comes from a family deeply rooted in NASCAR. He is the Son of Tony Eury Sr., a well-known crew chief, and the cousin of Dale Earnhardt Jr., a highly successful NASCAR driver.

Early Career: Eury Jr. began his career in motorsports at a young age, working his way up through various roles within racing teams. His early experiences included working in the fabricator shop and as a tire changer.

NASCAR Career:

Crew Chief Roles: Tony Eury Jr. gained prominence in the NASCAR Cup Series as a crew chief. One of his notable partnerships was with his cousin, Dale Earnhardt Jr. He served as Earnhardt Jr.'s crew chief for a significant portion of Earnhardt's career, including their time together at Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Success with Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Eury Jr. and Earnhardt Jr. experienced success together, winning multiple races, including the prestigious Daytona 500 in 2004. Their collaboration showcased the importance of a strong driver-crew chief relationship in NASCAR. Together they captured 20 wins in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, along with back to back championships in 98 & 99 before winning 17 NASCAR Cup Series Races.

FURY Race Cars: Eury Jr. also is co-owner of FURY Race Cars. They are a manufacturing company based in Mooresville, North Carolina that designs and builds race cars for competition in NASCAR, ARCA, Pro All-Star Series, SCCA, CARS Tour, SRL Southwest Tour, Southern Super Series and numerous other series around the world. They are known for being the winningest late model chassis builder in the country under Tony Jr's direction.


A good NASCAR Cup Series pit crew is of utmost importance in the world of professional racing. The significance of a proficient pit crew cannot be overstated, as their performance directly impacts a team's chances of success on the track. Here are several key reasons why a top-notch pit crew is crucial in NASCAR:

Time Efficiency: In NASCAR, races are often won and lost in fractions of a second. Pit stops are a critical aspect of the race where teams have the opportunity to gain an advantage over their competitors. A skilled pit crew can execute lightning-fast pit stops, efficiently changing tires, refueling, and making adjustments to the car in a matter of seconds. Every second saved in the pits can translate into valuable positions gained on the track.

Strategy Execution: Pit stops are not just about changing tires and refueling; they also play a crucial role in strategic race planning. Teams may use pit stops to make adjustments to the car's handling, replace damaged components, or simply follow a strategic plan devised before the race. A proficient pit crew ensures that these strategies are executed flawlessly, contributing to the overall race strategy.

Driver Confidence: A fast and reliable pit crew instills confidence in the driver. Knowing that they have a skilled team supporting them during pit stops allows drivers to focus on their racing, pushing themselves and the car to the limit without worrying about mistakes or delays during pit stops.

Competitive Edge: In a sport as competitive as NASCAR, where the margins between victory and defeat are often razor-thin, having a superior pit crew can provide a significant competitive edge. Teams invest heavily in training and technology to ensure their pit crews are among the best in the business.

Adaptability: Races can be unpredictable, and situations may arise that require quick thinking and adaptability. A good pit crew is not only fast but also capable of making rapid decisions, adjusting strategies on the fly, and responding to unexpected developments during the race.

Teamwork and Coordination: Pit stops are a synchronized ballet of coordinated actions involving multiple crew members. Teamwork is paramount, as each crew member has a specific role, and any miscommunication or error can lead to costly delays. A well-coordinated pit crew demonstrates effective teamwork, contributing to the overall success of the racing team.

The importance of a good NASCAR Cup Series pit crew cannot be overstated. Their efficiency, strategy execution, and ability to work as a cohesive unit contribute significantly to a team's success on the track. As technology, training, and competition continue to evolve, the role of the pit crew remains a critical factor in the pursuit of victory in NASCAR racing. For that reason, we at TMT Racing are proud to partner with Richard Childress Racing for our over the wall pit crew.

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